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Food and Life. Vol. 2023, No. 1, 2023

Review Article
Muscle fiber characteristics of caprine and ovine skeletal muscles
염소와 양 골격근의 근섬유 특성
Food Life 2023;2023(1):1-11.
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Research Article
Effect of Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Maxim.) Trautv extract on skin barrier function
개머루덩굴 추출물의 자극에 의한 피부장벽 개선 효과
Food Life 2023;2023(1):13-18.
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Changes in physicochemical characteristics of pork loin, beef loin and chicken breast with various wet aging periods
돈육 등심, 우육 등심, 닭 가슴살의 습식 숙성 기간에 따른 이화학적 특성 변화
Food Life 2023;2023(1):19-27.
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Quality properties of pork gel manufactured by the pork treated with high hydrostatic pressure without phosphate
초고압 처리된 돈육으로 제조된 인산염 무첨가 돈육 겔의 품질 특성
Food Life 2023;2023(1):29-38.
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