Ahead of Print Articles

Accepted manuscripts can be published online ahead of print. These accepted manuscripts have already been peer-reviewed and approved for publication, but have not yet been proofread or formatted for publication. The accepted paper is not considered the final paper of record because the editing process may identify errors to be corrected.

Quality Properties of yoghurt with Various Levels of Sangria Syrup
샹그리아 시럽을 첨가한 요거트의 품질특성
Food Life 2021 [published online ahead of print: Mar 04, 2021]
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Effect on Coagulation Improvement of Ricotta with Various Levels of Lemon and Green Tangerine
레몬과 청귤의 첨가가 리코타의 응고성에 미치는 영향
Food Life 2021 [published online ahead of print: Feb 09, 2021]
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Quality properties of beef patties manufactured with chestnut powder
밤 분말이 첨가된 우육 패티의 품질 특성
Food Life 2020 [published online ahead of print: Dec 24, 2020]
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Neuroprotective effects of green coffee bean extract against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease: a mini review
Food Life 2020 [published online ahead of print: Nov 18, 2020]
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