Evaluation of Processing Characteristics of Materials using Insect Protein Extract

Yea-Ji Kim1, Ji Yoon Cha1, Tae-Kyung Kim1, Min-Cheoul Kang1, Ji-Yeon Chun1, Yun-Sang Choi1,*
Author Information & Copyright
1Korea Food Research Institute, Wanju-Gun 55365, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Yun-Sang Choi, Korea Food Research Institute, Wanju-Gun 55365, Korea, Republic of. Phone: +82632199387. E-mail:

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Received: Feb 26, 2024; Revised: Apr 01, 2024; Accepted: Apr 05, 2024

Published Online: Apr 23, 2024


The objective of this study was to prepare a protein gel using isolated soy protein and insect protein, and to evaluate its quality characteristics and nutritional properties. Insect protein has emerged as a novel protein source; however, when used alone, it often exhibits suboptimal processing properties and presents challenges for economic efficiency. Therefore, our aim was to explore the processing properties and quality characteristics by incorporating a blend of commonly used soy protein isolate and insect protein. As the proportion of insect protein added to the protein gel increased, several parameters changed. Specifically, pH, lightness, and water holding capacity decreased with higher insect protein content. Conversely, redness and the essential amino acid index increased as more insect protein was incorporated. Notably, the T2 treatment demonstrated the highest values for hardness and chewiness. By investigating the quality characteristics of the gel in relation to the content of insect protein and providing insights into the industrial application of food and feed utilizing insect protein extract, this research contributes to the utilization of insect protein as a sustainable protein resource for enhancing food security and environmental protection.

Keywords: insect; protein extract; gel; processing; feed