Effectiveness of Teucrium herb as an antibacterial agent

Abdallah Awad *
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1no Affiliation, Abu Dhabi null, United Arab Emirates.
*Corresponding Author: Abdallah Khaleel Awad, E-mail:

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Received: Oct 09, 2023; Revised: Jan 09, 2024; Accepted: Feb 05, 2024

Published Online: Mar 13, 2024


Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antibacterial effect of Teucrium extracts prepared by using acetone, ethanol, and water against E. coli and bacillus subtilis bacteria. Materials and Methods: In this experiment, three different forms of Teucrium plant were used, fresh leaves were collected from the villages of Irbid, It was divided into two parts, part is fresh leaves and the other part have been dried and grinded in the laboratory, and there is another form of Teucrium plant obtained from the medicinal herbs store. The extracts of the Teucrium were prepared. The antibacterial activity of these extracts was examined using the well Diffusion Method.Results: The results showed that the extracts of the Teucrium plant that prepared by using acetone and ethanol obtained from the medicinal herbs store had the highest inhibitory capacity, while the same extracts for the other forms of this plant showed varying inhibition ratios. Conclusion: Teucrium extracts can be effective as antibacterial against E.coli and Bacillussubtilis bacteria.

Keywords: antibacterial agent; antibacterial effect; the effectiveness of extracts; Teucrium; extracts