Quality Characteristics of Stored Varieties of Tiger Nut Oil

Ogori Friday Akama1,*, G. C. Nina2, M. Ukeyima2
Author Information & Copyright
1Department of Home Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Federal University, , Gashua P.M.B.1005 , Nigeria.
2College of food and human Ecology, Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
*Corresponding Author: Ogori Akama Friday, Department of Home Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Federal University, , Gashua P.M.B.1005 , Nigeria. Phone: +23407085100611. E-mail:

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Received: Mar 02, 2021; Revised: Mar 25, 2021; Accepted: Mar 25, 2021

Published Online: Apr 01, 2021


Physiochemical Characteristic of stored  tiger nut oil was studied.  Different tiger nut cultivars were sourced  and their  oil extracted  using hexane . Oil were stored in plastic bottles for 12 weeks at room temperature  revealed  moisture content of 0.39%,0.48%  and 0.30%  for black , brown and yellow varieties respectively.Thiobarbituric acid value of stored tiger nut oil were 0.49malon/mg black tiger nut oil,  0.51malon/mg yellow , and 0.35malon/mg  for  brown  cultivars respectively .The Free fatty acid values of the stored oil ranged  between  0.75 - 0.87%, 0.38 - 0.41% and 0.20 - 0.21% for  varieties.  The Free fatty acid values for samples of Black and Brown increased during storage for sample. Peroxide values decrease between 5.76 - 5.50meq/kg, 5.85 - 5.68 meq/kg and 4.36 - 4.32 meq/  for  varietal cultivars respectively  . During storage periods tiger nut oil from varied sources confers oil stability .The properties measured were within the maximum limits as recommended by CODEX Alimentarius

Keywords: Tiger nut oil; plantain chips; shelf stability; Tigsensory, quality