Effect of Ricotta Cheese Added with Cirus microcarpa Concentrated Solution as Coagulation Agent Replacement

Hack-Youn Kim *
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1Kongju National University, Yesan 32439, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Hack-Youn Kim, E-mail:

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Received: Aug 10, 2020; Revised: Aug 31, 2020; Accepted: Aug 31, 2020

Published Online: Sep 01, 2020


This study aim to investigate the quality characteristics and antioxidant activity of ricotta cheese added with Citrus mircocarpa concentrated solution (CCS) as coagulation agent replacement(C2: Citric acid 3%, CCS 2%; C3: Citric acid 2%, CCS: 3%). The quality characteristics include the moisture content, protein content, color, pH, water holding capacity (WHC), viscosity and sensory evaluation. The antioxidant activity experiments include the DPPH scavenging activity, ferric reducing antioxidant power assay (FRAP). The moisture content of C2 and C3 treatment were significantly lower than the control (p<0.05). The protein content of ricotta cheese was significantly increased with an incresing CCS (p<0.05). The pH of C3 treatment was significantly lower than the other treatments (p<0.05), wheras the viscosity was higher than the other treatments. The DPPH scavenging activity of CCS treated samples were significantly higher than the control (p<0.05). The FRAP of C3 treatment was significantly higher than the other treatments (p<0.05). Among the sensory properties of color, flavor, off-flavor, and overall acceptability traits of C3 was significantly the highest value (p<0.05). These results showed that the citric acid 2% and CCS 3% (C3) treatment was improved the quality characteristics and antioxidant activity of ricotta cheese. Therefore, citric acid 2% and CCS 3% were suitable as coagulation agent replacement for ricotta cheese.

Keywords: antioxidant; citrus microcarpa; coagulation; quality; ricotta