List of Articles

Food and Life. Vol. 2024, No. 1, 2024

Review Article
Greenhouse gas emission status in agriculture and livestock sectors of Korea: A mini review
Food Life 2024;2024(1):1-7.
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Establishment of protocols and important management elements for cell cultured meat production
세포배양육 생산을 위한 프로토콜 및 중요관리요소 설정
Food Life 2024;2024(1):9-17.
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Modern trends and techniques for food preservation
Food Life 2024;2024(1):19-32.
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Research Article
A study on the packaging method and quality analysis of small package refrigerated beef for distribution
소포장 우육의 유통시 포장 방법 및 품질 분석 연구
Food Life 2024;2024(1):33-40.
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