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Food and Life. Vol. 2021, No. 2, 2021

Review Article
Effects of formulation and processing techniques on physicochemical properties of surimi gel
Food Life 2021;2021(2):35-46.
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Research Article
Development of bile salt in pig by-products
돼지 부산물에서 담즙산의 활용
Food Life 2021;2021(2):47-56.
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Effect of incorporating roasted sesame (Sesamum indicum) seeds on the quality parameters of chicken nuggets
Food Life 2021;2021(2):57-66.
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Physicochemical characteristics and bioactive compounds of thigh meat from Cobb broiler in animal welfare farm
동물복지 육계(Cobb) 다리육의 이화학적 특성과 생리활성기능 성분
Food Life 2021;2021(2):67-78.
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