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Sıla Çalışkan, Özlem Yüncü Boyacı, Meltem Serdaroğlu*
1Ege University, Izmir 35030, Turkey.
*Corresponding Author: Meltem Serdaroğlu, E-mail:

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Received: Jan 18, 2024; Revised: Feb 15, 2024; Accepted: Mar 02, 2024

Published Online: Mar 13, 2024


This study aimed to emphasize the utilization of oleogel containing chitosan and pomegranate seed oil as a replacer for beef fat in model system meat emulsions. For this purpose, beef fat was replaced with oleogel at levels of 0% (C), 50% (OG50), 75% (OG75), and 100% (OG100). The chemical composition, technological quality, microstructure, and oxidative changes of the meat emulsions were investigated. The incorporation of oleogel in meat emulsions effectively reduced saturated fatty acids and cholesterol levels while showing significant increases in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Additionally, the reformulation process exhibited promising outcomes in enhancing n-3 content. On the other hand, replacing beef fat with more than 50% oleogel led to a decrease in the emulsion stabilities of the meat emulsions. Despite causing changes in color and texture, the inclusion of oleogel proved effective in enhancing oxidative stability. The highest TBAR value was observed in control treatment throughout storage. Furthermore, scanned electron microscope images of the products exhibited a more organized structure in reformulated samples. The comprehensive findings indicate that integrating oleogels into meat emulsion formulations can effectively contribute to achieving a healthier lipid profile, along with favorable textural, nutritional, and oxidative qualities.

Keywords: pomegranate seed oil; chitosan; meat emulsion; oleogel; fat replacer