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Food and Life. Vol. 2022, No. 2, 2022

Review Article
The mediterranean diet’s effect on stroke risk
Food Life 2022;2022(2):33-39.
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Study on the mechanisms for the production of heterocyclic amine (HCAs) in meat
식육에서 Heterocyclic amines(HCAs)의 발생 기작의 연구
Food Life 2022;2022(2):41-49.
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Meat analogues: an assessment of plant-based protein options and the parameters of their success: a mini review
Food Life 2022;2022(2):51-57.
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Research Article
Safe bioremediation of chromium by Pseudomonas isolated from industrial waste water and detection of genes responsible for its degradation
Food Life 2022;2022(2):59-67.
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