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Food and Life. Vol. 2022, No. 1, 2022

Review Article
Trends in safety management of cultured meat and their potential considerations
국내외 배양육 안전관리 동향 및 예상 고려사항
Food Life 2022;2022(1):1-8.
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Current status of research and market in alternative protein
대체단백질식품(식물성 대체육, 배양육, 식용곤충) 국내외 시장 현황 및 연구
Food Life 2022;2022(1):9-18.
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Research Article
Neuroprotective effects of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts
Food Life 2022;2022(1):19-26.
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Non-thermal decontamination on chicken tenderloin-based pet food with 2.5% lactic acid and hypochlorous acid water
젖산과 차아염소산수 처리에 의한 분쇄 닭고기 펫푸드의 비열 살균 효과 확인
Food Life 2022;2022(1):27-31.
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