List of Articles

Food and Life. Vol. 2020, No. 2, 2020

A perspective of cultured meat market
Food Life 2020;2020(2):53-54.
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Review Article
Overview of the status of the development of antiviral drugs for COVID-19
Food Life 2020;2020(2):55-69.
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Research Article
Effect of Ricotta cheese added with Cirus microcarpa concentrated solution as coagulation agent replacement
응고 대체제로서 깔라만시 원액의 첨가가 리코타 치즈에 미치는 영향
Food Life 2020;2020(2):71-77.
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Change of meat color and residual nitrite on pork with aging and heating
숙성 및 가열에 따른 돼지고기의 육색과 잔존 아질산이온의 변화
Food Life 2020;2020(2):79-86.
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Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) peel powder as a source of natural antioxidant and a colorant in stirred yoghurt
Food Life 2020;2020(2):87-97.
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